• 15.01.15: Alan Turing biopic The Imitation Game is nominated for EIGHT Oscars, including Best Film, Leading Actor, Adapted Screenplay, Director, Original Score, and Supporting Actress
    Adding to its BAFTA and Golden Globe nominations, The Imitation Game gets comprehensive recognition via no less than EIGHT Oscar nominations, bringing the incredible story of Alan Turing - his genius, achievements and sad ending - to worldwide attention.
  • 31.08.14: The Imitation Game with Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing gets rave reviews at Telluride Film Festival in Arizona, USA
  • 31.05.14: 60th anniversary of Alan Turing's death remembered with Turing test event at the Royal Society London, Sat. 7 June 2014
    60th anniversary of Alan Turing's death remembered with Turing test event at the Royal Society London, Saturday 7 June 2014.
    TURING2014: CAN MACHINES THINK? - further information and how to register
  • 06.02.14: Elsevier book Alan Turing - His Work and Impact wins top US publishers Award in Washington
    The Elsevier book Alan Turing - His Work and Impact, edited by S. Barry Cooper and Jan van Leeuwen, has won the prestigious R.R. Hawkins Award, at the PROSE Awards in Washington, sponsored by the Association of American Publishers Professional and Scholarly Publishing Division.
  • 24.12.13: Queen grants a posthumous Royal Pardon to Alan Turing
    Royal pardon for codebreaker Alan Turing reported the BBC on Christmas Eve, 2013. This was the conclusion of a long campaign, with hard work and contributions by many people, including petition organisers John Graham-Cummings and William Jones, and Lord Sharkey moving a private members bill in the House of Lords. There was widespread media coverage, with an Associated Press report featuring around the world.
  • 15.09.13: Filming of The Imitation Game with Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley starts
    Black Bear Pictures starts filming of the Graham Moore scripted movie The Imitation Game with Benedict Cumberbatch playing Alan Turing and Keira Knightley playing his fellow codebreaker Joan Clarke.
  • 2.09.13: DVD of acclaimed Turing movie CODEBREAKER released in UK
    The keenly awaited DVD release of the Alan Turing movie CODEBREAKER is announced by Dazzler Media. Includes two versions of the film, one of 53 minutes and the full 81 minute version. Available from usual outlets, including online: Amazon, MovieMail, and THE HUT.
  • 19.07.13: Government supports Lord Sharkey's bid for a full pardon for Alan Turing
    Lord Sharkey's persistence is rewarded with a second reading in the House of Lords for his Alan Turing (Statutory Pardon) Bill, and Government support for further progress - too many reports in the media to list, but here is the Mail's A pardon for wartime codebreaker Alan Turing, the genius of Bletchley Park convicted of homosexuality in 1952. TRANSCRIPT of Lord Sharkey's speech and the debate.
  • 25.03.13: Turing's Universal machine voted 'Most Important UK Innovation'
    The vote for 'the most important innovation of the last 100 years', supported by the Royal Society, the Royal Academy of Engineering, the Science Museum etc, made Alan Turing's Universal machine the top choice.
  • 29.12.12: An Alan Turing Year MBE for Bletchley Park codebreaker Captain Jerry Roberts
    The honouring with an MBE of codebreaker extraordinaire Captain Jerry Roberts made a nice conclusion to the Alan Turing Year. Generous as ever, Jerry was quoted in the media as calling for more general recognition for his Bletchley Park colleagues. The initial BBC report featured the case of Alan Turing, though by breakfast time the Turing photo and mention of the call for a pardon, had been pruned out. Many congratulations to Jerry and Mei, and all the best for 2013!
  • 14.12.12: Letter to Telegraph from Prof. Stephen Hawking, Lord Sharkey et al calls for Alan Turing pardon
    In a letter to the Telegraph, Prof Stephen Hawking and ten other distinguished signatories call on the Prime Minister to 'formally forgive' Turing, and comments on the incapability of 'successive governments' to manage to do this. See the BBC report.
  • 04.10.12: Iain Lobban, GCHQ Director, pays tribute to Alan Turing legacy at packed Leeds event
    In a rare public lecture by GCHQ Director Iain Lobban, he paid tribute to the Turing legacy. As reported variously - see the Guardian report - he regretted Turing's treatment and early death. But his central message was a more positive one, celebrating the scientific contributions of creative individuals, and looking to the future of the science - while honouring seminal figures like Alan Turing and Tommy Flowers. See the transcript of the full speech.
  • 15.09.12: Bletchley Park Launches Special Edition Alan Turing Monopoly set, with Google support
    Custom board-game maker Winning Moves has produced a special Alan Turing Monopoly set. The Guardian reports that 'Turing's face appears on all the money in the game - a nod toward the current petition to get him on the 10 pound note.' You can order a copy from sole distributor Bletchley Park.
  • 25.07.12: Parliamentary Bill launched in House of Lords for Alan Turing pardon
    Lord Sharkey moves a Private Members Bill in the House of Lords: 'A Bill to give a statutory pardon to Alan Mathison Turing for offences under section 11 of the Criminal Amendment Act 1885 of which he was convicted on 31 March 1952.' See Martin Wainwright's Guardian Northerner report. And the timetable for its passage into law.
  • 13.07.12: Videos of Manchester Turing Centenary Conference go online
    Some wonderful videos from the Alan Turing Centenary Conference in Manchester are coming online, including film of the presentation ceremony for the winners of the Turing Centenary Fellows and Scholars Competition, on the evening of Alan Turing's 100th birthday.
  • 27.06.12: Julian Huppert MP obtains centenary Parliamentary debate on Alan Turing
    Julian Huppert, MP for Cambridge, obtained a debate to commemorate the Centenary of the birth of Alan Turing. It was held Weds 27th, 2:30-4, in Westminster Hall. In his opening speech, Julian called for more recognition for Turing, and paid tribute to Professor Barry Cooper for his tireless efforts as Chair of the Turing Centenary Advisory Committee.
  • 23.06.12: Birth of Alan Turing just 100 years ago this day is commemorated round the world
    Saturday 23rd June 2012 sees an amazing range of events in honour of Alan Turing, all round the world. This included the unveiling of commemorative Blue Plaques in Cambridge outside King's College, in Manchester on the building where Turing wrote his morphogenesis paper (unveiled by Garry Kasparov), and in St. Leonards, Hastings, where the Turing brothers spent much of their childhoods.
  • 19.04.12: GCHQ releases two codebreaking papers by Alan Turing
    The BBC headline reads: Alan Turing papers on code breaking released by GCHQ - adding: It is believed Turing wrote the papers while at Bletchley Park working on breaking German Enigma codes. A GCHQ mathematician said the fact that the contents had been restricted 'shows what a tremendous importance it has in the foundations of our subject'.
  • 09.04.12: The biography of Alan M Turing by his mother Sara appears
    Largely due to the efforts of the Turing Centenary Advisory Committee, the very rare and long out of print biography of Turing by his mother Sara has been finally re-published on March 26, 2012. Alan M. Turing by Sara Turing retains the moving original Foreword by Lyn Irvine, with added new Foreword by Martin Davis, and a fascinating memoir by Alan's brother John which is a revealing window on the Turing family and the society in which Alan Turing died.
  • 06.04.12: Manchester Pride Festival to honour Alan Turing
  • 10.03.12: Judea Pearl is 2011 A.M. Turing Award Winner
    Judea Pearl, whose work has transformed AI by creating a representational and computational foundation for the processing of information under uncertainty, is the 2011 A.M. Turing Award Winner. He will be presented with the award at the ACM A.M. Turing Centenary Celebration in San Francisco, 15-16 June, 2012.
  • 22.02.12: Top science journal 'Nature' - Special issue on 'Alan Turing At 100: Legacy of a Universal Mind'
    Latest issue of weekly international science journal Nature has a Special on Alan Turing At 100: Legacy of a Universal Mind with articles by top experts, on a whole range of topics related to the Turing legacy in science. Read editor Tanguy Chouard preview the Special online. And see print version for rest.
  • 06.02.12: Computer Society of India sends its support for Alan Turing Year
    The Computer Society of India, which has 70 chapters all over India, 358 student branches, and more than 90,000 members, has written asking to contribute to the Alan Turing Year 2012.
  • 06.01.12: ACM to celebrate Alan Turing in San Francisco with 32 ACM A.M. Turing Award Winners
    The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) will bring together 32 ACM A.M. Turing Award Winners, to honour the 100th Anniversary of Alan Turing and reflect on his contributions, as well as on the past and future of computing. The ACM A.M. Turing Centenary Celebration will be held 15 - 16 June, 2012, in San Francisco.
  • 02.01.12: Alan Turing to be honoured by Royal Mail commemorative postage stamp in 2012
    The Guardian reports Codebreaker Alan Turing gets stamp of approval, and goes on: 'The computer pioneer is one of 10 prominent people chosen for the Royal Mail's Britons of Distinction stamps, to be launched in February'. Scan of Guardian report: Calls to pardon Turing grow as he is given stamp honour.
  • 01.01.12: The Alan Turing Year starts today!
    The Alan Turing Year has finally arrived, an exciting 12 months focusing on the Turing legacy and all it means to us today.
  • 25.11.11: Grant a pardon to Alan Turing - new HMGovernment e-Petition started
    A new HMGovernment e-Petition asks the Ministry of Justice to Grant a pardon to Alan Turing.
  • 22.11.11: Channel 4 film Britain's Greatest Codebreaker gets widespread praise and media attention
    The Channel 4 TV docudrama Britain's Greatest Codebreaker received unprecedented attention from the UK media, and is available online for those who missed it.
  • 12.11.11: Plans for the Brazilian Alan Turing Year announced
    An ambitious programme of events for the Brazilian Alan Turing Year has been announced. It includes an exhibition Alan Turing - Legacy for Computing and Humanity at the Museum of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), a Special Lecture Series celebrating the Alan Turing Year, and video and deciphering contests for students.
  • 10.11.11: New ATY Calendar of Events goes live
    A long overdue, comprehensive Calendar of ATY Events has been set up by Collette Curry. The Calendar will be administered by Collette, and is already online.
  • 08.11.11: Turing 100 Centenary Conference in Manchester - details go public
    The webpage for Turing 100 - The Alan Turing Centenary Conference in Manchester, June 22 - 25, has gone public, with speakers Roger Penrose, Vint Cerf, Ed Clarke, Tony Hoare, Rodney Brooks, Yuri Matiyasevich, Michael Rabin and Garry Kasparov so far confirmed.
  • 13.10.11: Leonardo DiCaprio tipped to play codebreaker Alan Turing in new Hollywood movie
    Multiple media reports say that Warner Bros. outbid six other indie film companies for first-time screenwriter Graham Moore's 'The Imitation Game', a spec script that Leonardo DiCaprio has the 'inside track' to lead to the big screen with Ron Howard 'interested' in directing. See the Guardian report.
  • 21.09.11: Ed Stoppard to play Alan Turing in Channel 4 docu
    Channel 4 Commissioning Editor for History Julia Harrington has commissioned Furnace Television to make The Hero of Station X, due for transmission on Channel 4 in the autumn.
  • 21.09.11: Computing At School announces Codebreaker Competition
    To celebrate the centenary of Alan Turing's birthday in 2012 Computing At School (CAS) announce, in collaboration with Animation12, a national programming competition Codebreaker for school students in the 7-19 age range.
  • 18.08.11: New Turing painting planned for entrance hall of the Computer Science Building (ETH Zurich)
    A beautiful new painting by Ingrid Zamecnikova from Bratislava, 'Alan Mathison Turing, 1912-1954' will become a permanent feature of the reconstructed entrance hall of the computer science building of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich) from 2012.
  • 09.08.11: Top German museum Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum mounts Alan Turing 2012 exhibit
    The Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum plans an ambitious Alan Turing exhibit for the 2012 centenary year. Here is their press release and a photograph. The exhibition starts on 10 January 2012 in Paderborn.
  • 01.08.11: Edinburgh Turing celebration (T100) goes online
    The Royal Society of Edinburgh and the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh are planning a two-day Turing celebration for May 10-11, 2012. Click on T100 to get more information about the events, including a public lecture by Professor Jim Al-Khalili on May 10, an impressive line-up of speakers for a Research Symposium on May 11, and an associated competition for schools.
  • 15.07.11: Prof. Ray Dolan FRS to be the 2012 IET/BCS Turing Lecturer
    Prof. Ray Dolan FRS, who received the 2007 Max Planck Award for his work in neuromodulation and behaviour, is the 2012 IET/BCS Turing Lecturer. According to BCS President Jim Norton, 'Prof. Dolan will draw some really interesting links between Turing's original ideas and the cutting edge work going on today in cognition and neuroimaging'.
  • 15.07.11: Turing-themed issues of two top Royal Society journals in 2012
    The Royal Society is to publish in 2012 Turing-themed issues of its two high-impact interdisciplinary journals, Philosophical Transactions A and Interface Focus.
  • 06.07.11: ATY events: CCA 2012 and DCM 2012 to be in Cambridge in 2012
  • 23.06.11: University of Reading issues Press release in support of the Alan Turing Year and Turing100
    A University of Reading Press Release is headed Special Turing 100 event announced for 2012 anniversary of mathematician's birth, giving details of Turing100 at Bletchley Park, which will take place on what would have been his 100th birthday, 23 June 2012.
  • 23.06.11: Turing Centenary Research Fellowship Competition, funded by the JTF, goes online
    Following the preliminary announcement in April, full details of the Turing Centenary Research Fellowship and Scholar Competition have been announced - 8 awards are available, funded by the John Templeton Foundation, with a closing date for applications of December 16, 2011.
  • 23.06.11: Alan Turing Centennial Workshop at Computing at School Conference for Teachers
    TCAC members Faron Moller and Huma Shah are leading a Workshop at the Computing at School Conference for Teachers 2011 in Birmingham, entitled Alan Turing Centennial: The Legacy of a Computer Scientist.
  • 27.05.11: Turing Centennial event at Princeton for May 10-12, 2012
    Bob Sedgewick writes: I'm writing to let you know that we've scheduled our Turing Centennial event here at Princeton for May 10-12, 2012. As currently envisioned, the purpose of this event is both to take the opportunity to celebrate our institution's role in the evolution of computer science and to tell to the world the full story of Turing's time at Princeton. Attendees will fully come to appreciate that Turing was as important as Einstein for 20th century science, that his impact on society today was far greater, and that Princeton has a proud stake in his ownership, at least his PhD.
  • 07.05.11: AMS-ASL Special Session on The Life and Legacy of Alan Turing
    An AMS-ASL Special Session on The Life and Legacy of Alan Turing will be held as part of the Joint Mathematics Meetings in Boston next January. The session will include 14 hours of talks, intended to cover the full breadth of Turing's contributions, ranging from mathematical logic and theoretical computer science to cryptography, numerical analysis, philosophy of mind, and morphogenesis.
  • 29.04.11: The Turing Year in China main event confirmed for May 16-21, 2012
    TAMC 2012, with a number of Turing Award winners speaking, will be in Beijing, May 16-21, 2012. This will be part of the 2012 Turing Year in China, with confirmed speakers so far: S Barry Cooper (Leeds), John Hopcroft (Cornell), Richard Karp (Berkeley), Jon Kleinberg (Cornell), Butler Lampson (Microsoft) and Andrew Chi-Chih Yao (Tsinghua, Beijing).
  • 18.04.11: Session on Machines, from Turing to Quantum at 2011 Brazilian Logic Conference
    The Brazilian Logic Conference is getting in on the Turing Centenary a year early - its May 2011 meeting will include a Special Session on Machines, from Turing to Quantum.
  • 05.04.11: ACM Turing Centenary Celebration for June 15-16, 2012
    John White, Association for Computing Machinery CEO, has confirmed that the ACM Turing Centenary Celebration will be on June 15-16, 2012. This major event is expected to include the presentation of the 2011 A.M. Turing Award.
  • 02.04.11: Turing Centenary Research Project announced
    Details of the Turing Centenary Research Fellowship and Scholar Competition have been announced - 8 awards are available, with a closing date for applications of December 16, 2011.
  • 01.03.11: Jack Emery, producer of Breaking the Code joins TCAC
    Jack Emery, producer of the prize winning BBC TV film of Breaking the Code has joined the TCAC, and is planning a Producer's Cut of his celebrated film in time for 2012.
  • 25.02.11: Max Newman's unique collection of signed Turing offprints to go to Bletchley Park
    In another remarkable turn of events, funding of 200,000 pounds from the National Heritage Memorial Fund, chaired by Dame Jenny Abramsky, has finally secured the Max Newman collection of Turing's papers for permanent display at Bletchley Park - see the full BBC story.
  • 21.02.11: 100th Alan Turing Anniversary Year Turing Trail Relay for Sun 18 March 2012
    Ely Runners have voted at their AGM hold the 100th Alan Turing Anniversary Year Turing Trail Relay as an open event on Sunday 18th March 2012. The course will go from Ely to Cambridge and back along the Great Ouse and Cam riverside routes used for training by Alan Turing.
  • 17.02.11: Isaac Newton Institute workshop The Incomputable receives John Templeton Foundation funding
    The Isaac Newton Institute workshop on The Incomputable has received a grant of 83,700 pounds from the John Templeton Foundation.
  • 11.01.11: ACM CEO John White joins the Turing Centenary Advisory Cttee
    John White, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Executive Director and Chief Executive Office since January 1999, has joined the TCAC.
  • 10.01.11: John Templeton Foundation approves major Turing Centenary grant
    The John Templeton Foundation have approved a large grant entitled Celebrating the Genius of Turing - Mind, Mechanism and Mathematics. It will support the major Turing Centenary meeting planned for the weekend of Turing's birthday, in Manchester, together with a competition for five 3-year Turing Centenary Research Fellowships and three Turing Centenary Scholars.
  • 30.11.10: Turing Centenary Eurocrypt conference in Cambridge goes online
    Eurocrypt 2012 will take place in Cambridge, United Kingdom, from April 15 to April 19, 2012. Devoted to all aspects of cryptology, this flagship conference of the IACR is forming part of the celebrations of the Alan Turing Year.
  • 26.11.10: Sir John Dermot Turing and William Newman join the TCAC
    Members of the TCAC are honoured to welcome to the committee Sir John Dermot Turing, nephew of Alan, and William Newman, son of Alan's lifelong supporter Max Newman. See Sir Dermot opening the Alan Turing Building at the Open University - you need to go about 7 minutes into the YouTube clip for Dermot's very Turing contribution.
  • 23.11.10: Bidding for Alan Turing papers at Christie's reaches 240K pounds
    The auction of Turing's offprints from the Max Newman collection reaches an amazing 240 thousand pounds, with the Bletchley Park campaign to keep them in the UK supported by a Google donation of 100K. The reserve price of 300K not reached, so there is still a chance they may not go abroad. Amongst a blizzard of media interest, here is a nice pre-auction Guardian report.
  • 17.11.10: Max Newman's unique collection of Alan Turing papers for auction
    A unique collection of Alan Turing's offprints from the collection of Turing's longtime supporter Max Newman is being auctioned by Christie's on November 23rd.
  • 12.11.10: CONCUR 2012 for Sept. 4-7. Satellite workshops Sept. 3, 8.
    The dates 4-7 September 2012 have been announced for the Turing Centenary CONCUR 2012, to be held in Newcastle. With the satellite workshops to be on the days 3 and 8 September 2012.
  • 5.11.10: David Leavitt to speak at Florida MAMLS Turing centenary meeting
    The Turing centenary MAMLS (Mid-Atlantic Mathematical Logic Seminar) 2012 have signed up a great rosta of invited speakers, including The Man Who Knew Too Much: Alan Turing and the Origins of the Computer author David Leavitt
  • 31.10.10: German Mathematical Society (DMV) supports Alan Turing Year
    The Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung (German Mathematical Society) is getting involved with the Turing centenary celebrations, and its media office will lend support.
  • 31.10.10: Twitter following for AlanTuringYear passes 1000
    The AlanTuringYear Twitter following has now passed the 1000 mark - though this is not yet in the same league as BletchleyPark!
  • 26.09.10: TCAC Culture Subcommittee comes together
    A growing number of artists, academics, researchers and others working creatively at the interface between the arts and science have come together to form a TCAC Culture Subcommittee, aiming to support and initiate Turing-related cultural activity in 2012. New members welcome!
  • 15.09.10: Consultation on 2012 BCS/IET Turing Lectures underway
    The TCAC Meeting at Bletchley Park on 16 September will be asked for suggestions for the 2012 BCS/IET Turing Lectures speaker (the speaker for 2011 is Donald Knuth). Jim Norton, Chair of the IET IT Policy Panel and BCS Trustee and Vice-President, will liaise with the TCAC on the eventual choice.
  • 10.09.10: Major Turing publishing events from Cambridge and Elsevier
    Cambridge are planning for 2012 an edited book, provisionally entitled The Once and Future Turing - Computing the World, and Elsevier are reissuing for the Turing centenary a comprehensive selection from their Collected Works of A. M. Turing, with new commentaries on the significance and contemporary impact from leading researchers and thinkers influenced by Turing, entitled Alan Turing - His Work and Impact
  • 2.08.10: Turing's Century all-day event planned for Edinburgh, May 2012
    In May 2012, the Edinburgh University School of Informatics and the Royal Society of Edinburgh are organising Turing's Century, a one day symposium on Turing's legacy, to be followed by a public lecture in the evening.
  • 16.07.10: National and local TCAC meetings fixed for September
    There will be a GENERAL TCAC MEETING at BLETCHLEY PARK, 2-5pm on THURSDAY 16 SEPTEMBER. There will also be special meetings in Cambridge (Sept. 14-15) and Manchester (Sept. 21). Details and invitations available from Barry Cooper.
  • 14.07.10: Sir John Dermot Turing opens 'Alan Turing Building' at the OU
    Alan Turing's nephew, Sir John Dermot Turing, has opened the renamed 'Alan Turing Building' at the Open University: Report
  • 11.07.10: Turing Centenary programme announced for Newton Institute
    The Newton Institute has confirmed a full six-month programme for January 9 - July 6, 2012, entitled Semantics and Syntax: A Legacy of Alan Turing
  • 1.07.10: Bletchley Park hosts the 2012 Loebner Prize Competition
    As part of the 2012 celebrations for the centenary of the birth of Alan Turing, on May 15th 2012 Bletchley Park will be hosting the Annual Loebner Prize competition, based on the Turing Test, to find the world's s best conversational computer program.
  • 23.06.10: `Happy Birthday, Alan Turing' - new Stephen Wolfram blog
    With just 2 years to go to Alan Turing's 100th birthday, Stephen Wolfram has written a Turing birthday blog: `Happy Birthday, Alan Turing'
  • 21.05.10: Turing Centenary EuroCrypt meeting for Cambridge in 2012
    EuroCrypt 2012, the top conference in Europe on Cryptography, will be in Cambridge, April 15-19, 2012 - the year and location chosen to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of Alan Turing.
  • 29.04.10: Dates for ACE 2012 at King's College Cambridge confirmed
    The ACE 2012 conference, celebrating Turing's contributions to the theory and practice of computing, is to be held at King's College Cambridge on 15 and 16 June 2012.
  • 09.04.10: Brazilian Logic Society support for Alan Turing Year
    Walter Carnielli, President of the Brazilian Logic Society sends their support for the Turing centenary events.
  • 02.04.10: The Turing Machine opera available for touring
    The Turing Machine opera received rave reviews in Finland in 2008, and is available for touring in the lead-up to 2012 - contact Opera Skaala.
  • 01.04.10: TCAC member Simon Singh wins libel appeal
    Science writer and Alan Turing Year supporter Simon Singh wins libel appeal.
  • 30.03.10: Historic 35m Turing Trail Relay for 2012
    Ely Runners have confirmed that their 35 mile Turing Trail Relay race will (provisionally) take place in 2012 as part of the Alan Turing centenary.
  • 23.03.10: Turing to be theme of Gibbons Memorial Lecture Series in 2012
    Bob Doran from Auckland, New Zealand, tells us that they have decided to make Turing the theme for the Gibbons Memorial Lecture Series in 2012.
  • 18.03.10: Special issue of 'Evolutionary Intelligence' for 2012
    Christof Teuscher has announced a special issue of Evolutionary Intelligence to come out in January 2012. Deadline for submissions: December 1, 2010.
  • 18.03.10: Lord Mayor of Westminster interested in Turing Centenary
    The Lord Mayor of Westminster, Duncan Sandys, replies to Huma Shah and Professor Warwick that their letter 'makes for compelling reading', and offers to consider invitations to attend Alan Turing Year Events within Westminster.
  • 11.03.10: An Olympic honour for Alan Turing
    The campaign of John Graham-Cumming for Olympic marathon recognition for Alan Turing gets Guardian spotlight.
  • 09.03.10: Wolfram Research supports the Alan Turing Year
    Wolfram Research has joined the Alan Turing Year preparations, with plans for support of events in the USA and the UK.
  • 03.03.10: New support from a number of organisations!
    The Alan Turing Year is now being given very important support from Elsevier, the John Templeton Foundation, IOS Press, the UK Mathematics Trust, and Computer Science For Fun.
  • 22.01.10: Turing100 event for Turing's birthday
    Turing100in2012 have put more details of their Turing Centenary programme on their webpage.
  • 15.01.10: Angus Macintyre joins the TCAC
    The Alan Turing Year is now supported by another distinguished member of the Royal Society (and recently elected President of the London Mathematical Society), Angus Macintyre.
  • 11.01.10: Turing100in2012 goes public
    Turing100in2012 has announced more details of their Turing Centenary events via the webpage. More details are expected soon.
  • 16.12.09: Bernard Richards, one-time student of Alan Turing, joins the TCAC
    Bernard Richards, Emeritus Professor at Manchester University, worked as a starting MSc student on morphogenesis with Turing just before he died - SEE.
  • 13.12.09: Alan Turing Year signs up to Twitter
    Those who, like Turing fan Stephen Fry, are on Twitter can now follow Alan Turing Year there.
  • 08.12.09: Manchester plans for the Alan Turing Year
    Major celebrations of the Alan Turing year are planned for Manchester - see click here.
  • 17.11.09: Turing Centenary event planned for Beijing
    Professor Angsheng Li reports that the 9th International Conference on the Theory and Applications of Models of Computation (TAMC 2012) will be part of the Turing Centenary celebrations
  • 10.11.09: Government Minister writes'I am delighted to hear that plans are underway to celebrate Turing's life and work.'
    Lord Drayson, Minister for Science and Innovation, has invited the TCAC to discuss further Government involvement with his department's Science and Society Team. Watch this space!
  • 03.11.09: LMS Newsletter reports on Turing apology
    The London Mathematical Society Newsletter reports on Gordon Brown's Turing statement, and 2012 plans - click here, and then click on 'News' in menu on left.
  • 27.10.09: British Society for the History of Mathematics plans Turing Centenary involvement
    Professor Tony Mann writes, as President of the British Society for the History of Mathematics, to nominate Professor Martin Campbell-Kelly of Warwick University as BSHM representative on the TCAC.
  • 05.10.09: Informatics Europe (IE) supports the Turing Centenary
    IE Vice-President Jan van Leeuwen reports that the IE Board agreed with enthusiasm that IE should be an explicit supporter of the Turing Centenary.
  • 02.10.09: UNESCO Chair in Information and Computer Ethics endorses Alan Turing Year
    Luciano Floridi, recently appointed to the newly established UNESCO Chair in Information and Computer Ethics, conveys official endorsement of the Alan Turing Year.
  • 29.09.09: Funding success for Bletchley Park
    See the Bletchley Park press release for the full story: click here
  • 26.09.09: British Mathematical Colloquium celebration of Turing agreed
    On Thursday the BMC committee confirmed the dates (16-19 April) for the British Mathematical Colloquium at Kent, with unanimous agreement to include the celebration of Turing's birthday.
  • 25.09.09: Simon Singh gives his support to the Alan Turing Year
    Simon Singh, author of 'The Code Book' and owner of an Enigma machine has given his support to the Alan Turing Year, and joined the Turing Centenary Advisory Committee
  • 25.09.09: New novel from Sweden based on Turing to appear
    Erik Palmgren tells us that a novel in Swedish about Turing was published this year by David Lagercrantz. It was critically acclaimed by the press and has sold well. Apparently an English translation 'Fall from grace in Wilmslow' is underway. See and
  • 17.09.09: CONCUR joins the Alan Turing Year
    The 23rd International Conference on Concurrency Theory (CONCUR), will be held at Newcastle upon Tyne, in August 2012, as part of the Alan Turing Year celebrations.
  • 10.09.09: Alan Turing gets an apology from the Prime Minister
    The Prime Minister has responded to the Alan Turing petition for an apology, by recognising the 'appalling' way he was treated for being gay: - See also:
  • 04.09.09: Newsnight report on Turing and Bletchley Park
    Jeremy Paxman asks on Newsnight whether Turing deserves a posthumous apology. See:
  • 30.08.09: The Turing petition for a government apology gains support
    See for the petition.
  • 20.08.09: Turing centenary BCTCS 2012 dates confirmed
    The dates for the Turing Centenary BCTCS in Manchester are confirmed as Monday 2nd April to Thursday 5th April, 2012.
  • 17.08.09: EuroCrypt 2012 will be in Cambridge in April 2012
    Not officially announced yet, and subject to final contracts with colleges etc. But ... EuroCrypt 2012 will be in Cambridge in April
  • 10.07.09: Turing Centenary ICALP for Warwick!
    It was decided at the EATCS General Assembly at ICALP in Rhodes on July 7, 2009 that ICALP 2012 would be in Warwick, and be a central event of the Turing Centenary Year
  • 23.06.09: Stephen Fry marks Turing's birthday
    Stephen Fry writes on Twitter: 'One of my all time heroes Alan Turing was born today 1912!'
  • 02.05.09: Manchester LC 2012 proposal approved
    Jouko Vaananen reports that the ASL Committee of Logic in Europe has approved the proposal of Manchester to organize Logic Colloquium 2012
  • 01.05.09: BMC 2012 at Canterbury to commemorate Turing
    British Mathematical Colloquium 2012 has been confirmed for the University of Kent at Canterbury, with organiser Peter Fleischmann. Speakers on topics related to Turing's work are probable.
  • 17.04.09: BCTCS'2012 Turing Centenary meeting for Manchester
    BCTCS'2012 is now planned for Manchester, with Ian Pratt-Hartmann as organiser.
  • 13.04.09: AISB in talks aimed co-locating with IACAP 2012
    AISB is reportedly very interested in a co-location of the 2012 AISB convention with the IACAP Congress. Talks re venue and timing are in progress.
  • 03.04.09: First IACAP Congress in UK 2012
    In 2012 IACAP will have no regional conferences (North American, Asian-Pacific, Latin-American and European) but just one big Congress, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the official foundation of the Association, and as part of the Turing Centenary celebrations.
  • 15.03.09: National Museum of Computing involved in Alan Turing Year
    Kevin Murrell, Trustee at The National Museum of Computing, and CCS Committee Secretary, joins the TCAC as NMC representative.
  • 2.03.09: Logic Colloquium 2012 proposal with ASL
    A proposal for Manchester to host the 2012 Logic Colloquium has been sent to the Association of Symbolic Logic.
  • 24.02.09: 2012 Loebner Prize planned for UK
    Dr. Hugh Loebner announces that his 2012 Prize for Artificial Intelligence will be held in the UK to celebrate the centenary of Alan Turing's birth. Venue to be announced.
  • 31.01.09: Newton Institute proposal submitted
    A Preliminary proposal for a Newton Institute 6-month programme 'Alan Turing and His Mathematical Legacies' has been submitted.
  • 24.01.09: Manchester Centenary event planned
    Andrei Voronkov reports the planning of a major Centenary Meeting in Manchester.
  • 21.01.09: IACAP supports Turing Year
    International Association for Computing and Philosophy (IACAP) give their support to the Turing Year, and discuss holding their 2012 congress in the UK.
  • 14.01.09: BCS Turing Year representation increased
    Steve Furber agrees to join Turing Year for BCS, pending official endorsement. Cornelia Boldyreff joins on behalf of BCSWomen.
  • 26.11.08: BLC involved in Turing year
    The British Logic Colloquium is planning a Turing related event for 2012, as part of the proposed 'Logic Colloquium 2012 in Manchester.
  • 24.11.08: BCTCS with plans for Turing Year
    Faron Moller, president of British Colloquium for Theoretical Computer Science, supports that BCTCS 2012 will have a Turing element in their programme. There are chances that BCTCS 2012 takes place in Manchester.
  • 24.11.08: ACM on board
    Dame Wendy Hall, ACM President, has joined TCAC to represent the ACM.
  • 17.11.08: Bletchley Park joins Turing Year
    Kelsey Griffin will represent Bletchley Park in Turing Year discussions.

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