Special Sessions


The Mathematics of Incomputability

Klaus Ambos-Spies (Heidelberg):  On the Strongly Bounded Turing Degrees of C.E. Sets: Degrees Inside Degrees [Slides]
Marat M Arslanov (Kazan):  Definable Relations in the Turing Degree Structures [Slides]
Douglas Cenzer (Gainesville):  Structures and Isomorphisms in the Difference Hierarchy [Slides]
Peter Cholak (Notre Dame):  The Computably Enumerable Sets: a Survey [Slides]
Rodney Downey (Wellington):  Strong Jump Traceability, Part 1 [Slides]
Sy Friedman (Vienna)Computational Complexity and Set Theory - [Slides.]
Noam Greenberg (Wellington):  Strong Jump Traceability, Part 2 [Slides]
Joel David Hamkins (CUNY):  The Hierarchy of Equivalence Relations on the Natural Numbers Under Computable Reducibility [Slides]
Valentina Harizanov (Washington):  Injections, Orbits, and Complexity [Slides]
Denis Hirschfeldt (Chicago):  Categoricity Properties for Computable Algebraic Fields [Slides]
Julia Knight (Notre Dame):  Classification of Countable Structures and the Effective Borel Hierarchy [Slides]
Antonin Kucera (Prague):  Randomness and Classes of PA and DNC Functions in Computability [Slides]
Andrew Lewis (Leeds):  The Complexity of Computable Categoricity
Antonio Montalban (Chicago):  A Computability Theoretic Equivalent to Vaught's Conjecture [Slides]
André Nies (Auckland):  Ten Years of Triviality [Slides]
Richard A Shore (Cornell):  Interpreting Arithmetic in the Turing Degrees Below Generics and Randoms [Slides]
Andrea Sorbi (Siena):  Relative Computability of Partial Functions [Slides]
Ivan Soskov (Sofia):  Definability Properties of Marker's Extensions
Alexandra Soskova (Sofia):  Enumeration Degree Spectra [Slides]
Philip Welch (Bristol):  Generalised Transfinite Turing Machines and Strategies for Games [Slides]

Exploring Real-World Complexity and Computability

Mark Bishop (Goldsmiths):  Trouble with Computation [Slides]
Cristian Calude (Auckland):  The Halting Problem Revisited [Slides]
Bob Coecke (Oxford):  How Computer Science Helps to Bring Quantum Physics to the Masses [Slides]
José Félix Costa (Lisbon):  Classifying the Theories of Physics [Slides]
Vincent Danos (Edinburgh):  Equilibrium and Termination
Steven Ericsson-Zenith (Palo Alto):  Computing With Structure [Slides]
Mark Hogarth (Cambridge):  Would You Please Stop Talking About the Church-Turing Thesis, Please
Elham Kashefi (Edinburgh):  Quantum Turing Test
Antonina Kolokolova (Newfoundland):  How Hard is Proving Hardness? Logic Approach to Barriers in Complexity
Giuseppe Longo (Paris):  Turing, from the "Discrete State Machine" to the "Continuous Systems" for Morphogenesis [Slides]
Ursula Martin (London):  What Can We Learn from Online Math?
Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh (Oxford): Compact Closed Categories and Frobenius Algebras for Computing Natural Language Meaning [Slides]
Aaron Sloman (Birmingham):  The Meta-Morphogenesis of Virtual Machinery with "Physically Indefinable" Functions [Slides]
Mike Stannett (Sheffield):  Hypercomputation, Physics and Computation [Slides]
Christof Teuscher (Portland):  From Intrinsic to Designed Computation with Turing's Unorganized Machines
John Tucker (Swansea):  Computation, Measurement and the Interface Between Physical Systems and Algorithms [Slides]
Kumaraswamy (Vela) Velupillai (Trento):  Incomputability in Economic Theory [Slides]
Peter Wegner (Brown University):  Modern Computation
Jiří Wiedermann (Prague):  Computability and Non-Computability Issues in Amorphous Computing [Slides]

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