Plenary Talks


Samson Abramsky (Oxford):  Intensionality, Definability and Computation [Slides]
Martin Davis (Berkeley/New York):  Contributions of E. L. Post to the Study of the Incomputable [Slides]
Fay Dowker (Imperial College, London):  A Framework for Logic in Physics
Seth Lloyd (MIT):  A Turing Test for Free Will
Philip Maini (Oxford):  Turing's Theory for Biological Pattern Formation
Yuri Matiyasevich (St Petersburg):  Turing Machines vs Diophantine Machines
Cris Moore (Santa Fe):  P vs NP, Phase Transitions, and Incomputability in the Wild [Slides]
István Németi/ Hajnal Andréka (Budapest):  Relativistic Computing Beyond the Turing Barrier
Theodore A Slaman (Berkeley):  The Mathematics of Relative Computability [Slides]
Robert I Soare (Chicago):  Church-Turing Completeness: Syntax and Semantics [Slides]
Vlatko Vedral (Oxford):  What Features of Living Systems Can We Simulate on a Quantum Computer? [Slides]

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