Alan Turing Jahr 2012 is an exciting programme of Turing centenary activities organised by the ATJ Coordinating Committee, involving leading figures from computer science, mathematics, logic and the major museums in Germany.

Organisations represented include the Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung (DMV), the Gesellschaft für Informatik E.V. (GI), the Heinz-Nixdorf-Museumsforum, the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, and the Deutsche Vereinigung für Mathematische Logik und für Grundlagenforschung der Exakten Wissenschaften. For information on events and exhibitions planned, go to the Alan Turing Jahr 2012 webpage. To contact the committee write to Benedikt Löwe.

TCAC Germany Subcommittee

Science has been a powerful link between the UK and Germany, sometimes taking the form of rivalry (most famously, Leibniz and Newton), sometimes more supportive (as with Dirac and Heisenberg). With Alan Turing the link was a peculiarly strong one, played out daily in the confines of wartime Bletchley Park; through the key independent roles of Turing and Zuse in the history of the computer; and even personally through Turing's meetings with German emigré Dietrich Prinz (educated at Berlin University, where his teachers included Planck and Einstein), and their common interest in the programming of early computers to play chess.

The Turing centenary is a genuinely international celebration of the science associated with Turing and his contemporaries, and the TCAC Germny Subcommittee aims to liaise with the Alan Turing Jahr Coordinating Committee and more widely publicise its 2012 activities. The TCAC Germany subcommittee will be informal and inclusive, and will creatively complement the work of the ATJ organisers.

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