Turing Year in Hong Kong

Turing Apple by Hong Kong artist Bean-Sing

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T-shirt design by Li Chi-Tak

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- or read individually below, with English captions:

1) 2012: Alan Turing Year
2) Alan Turing Year in China, Alan Turing Year in the World
3) Obama paid homage to Turing at Westminster Abbey
4) Bean-Sing resurrected to compose a poem for ATY
5) Marathon - Turing T-Shirts
6) Hong Kong Turing Year?
7) Turing Year in Hong Kong
8) Beijing connecting the Turing Rail
9) September fury and happy surprises
10) "Alan Turing Year" new notes
11) Leonardo DiCaprio to play Turing?
12) Hong Kong "Turing Book" news
13) Delay replies to dear readers, Mouse feces in The Universe
14) Mr. Lo-Fung, Turing
15) Marathon and my husband
16) Hong Kong "Turing Song": I have a date with composer Chung Chi-Wing
17) 5 Talks on Alan Turing by Cambridge Wong
18) Alan Turing Year in Beijing, Taipei, Hong Kong, Macau
19) "Turing ambassadors"
20) "Turing talks" entering schools and colleges

Turing artwork by Hong Kong cartoonist Honsanawong, entitled 3-year-old Turing - 1915. It is apparently based on a passage in Andrew Hodges' biography:

"The parents came to England as often as they could, but even when they did, that was not home either. When Mrs Turing returned in spring 1915, she took the boys into furnished and serviced rooms in St Leonards - gloomy places decorated by samplers embroidered with the more sacrificial kind of hymn. By this time Alan could talk, and proved himself the kind of little boy who could attract the attention of strangers with precocious, rather penetratingly high-pitched comments, but also a naughty and wilful one, in whom winning ways could rapidly give way to tantrums when he was thwarted. Experiment, as with planting his broken toy sailors in the ground, hoping they would grow afresh, was easily confused with naughtiness."

Poster of a talk by Cambridge Wong on Alan Turing, mainly focusing on the Universal Turing Machine, and why he is called the 'Father of Computer Science'.

            Turing - Marathon, 1948 by Hong Kong cartoonist HonsanAwong

Turing - Chinese couplets and calligraphy - also by Hong Kong cartoonist HonsanAwong.

Alan Turing and Christopher Morcom in the library, 1930s - by Hong Kong cartoonist HonsanAwong

Cambridge Wong celebrates Alan Turing's 100th birthday in Hong Kong

The wonderful and creative ( Ada ) Loke Lay, journalist extraordinaire, a leading light of the Alan Turing Year in Hong Kong

Hong Kong cartoonist Ahko's artwork "Alan Mathison Turing".

Description from Loke Lay:
Cpak Ming succeeded in projecting huge Alan Turing image onto building wall.
But image not huge enough.
Building not tall enough.
( Just "Academy for Performing Arts" beside "Hong Kong Arts Centre".)
We'll do it again when Cpak Ming is free from his work.
Hopefully by the end of June.

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