TCAC Media Subcommittee

Alan Turing has achieved iconic status for many people, and in many communities, scientific, cultural and social. As the 2012 centenary approaches, his vision and personal life provides fascinating media material. Please help us make Turing's unique contribution to today's world, and to our understanding of it, better known.

The TCAC Media Subcommittee is a very loose and disparate group of people with experience and/or special involvement with the media - press, TV/radio, film, PR, design, etc. Feel free to contact members of the group with news and background relating to Turing's life and work - and do volunteer to join if you are able to add your time, enthusiasm and expertise to this exciting part of the centenary.

Current members:

Dilbert and the Turing Test, March 30, 2008 - see also March 16, 2009
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