Turing at the University of Oregon

Turing As part of a "1% for Art Initiative" in the state of Oregon, the Computer Science faculty at the University of Oregon were given an opportunity to choose the main artwork when their building was constructed 20 years ago. There was unanimous support for honoring Turing.

The artist, Wayne Chabre, studied all the photos in the Cambridge University archives and read several biographies before starting this sculpture of an individual he came to describe as one of his all-time favorite subjects. You may notice that Chabre captured, on the left side (as you face it), the formal look of Turing's Royal Society portrait and, on the right, Turing's features as he was completing a race. The "Enigma" aspect is partially represented by a "?" for a tie tack.

The sculpture overlooks a busy campus street, only about 15 feet above street level, and is immediately adjacent to the starting point of campus tours. Many thousands of people have been introduced to Alan Turing by this artwork.