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  • 16.06.12: Registrations for CiE 2012 pass a remarkable 400 - a record attendance for CiE
    The CiE Turing centenary conference in Cambridge looks all set to be the largest meeting on fundamental issues of computability ever - and is certainly going to be a leading candidate for the biggest event of the Alan Turing Year.
  • 26.05.12: An unprecedented 240 presentations accepted for Turing Centenary Conference in Cambridge
    As the final deadline for online registration for the Turing Centenary Conference in Cambridge approaches, the organisers have the rewarding task of scheduling an unprecedented 240 talks. And, as registrations pass the 300 mark, there are just 2 weeks to the final deadline for online registration.
  • 30.04.12: CiE 2012 Best Student Paper Award sponsored by Springer goes to two PhD students from Technische Universität Berlin
    The winners of the CiE 2012 Best Student Paper Award, sponsored by Springer, are Sepp Hartung and André Nichterlein, for their paper NP-Hardness and Fixed-Parameter Tractability of Realizing Degree Sequences with Directed Acyclic Graphs.
  • 22.04.12: 2nd Call for Informal Presentations issued, deadline for submission: Friday, May 11, 2012
    As the Second Call for Informal Presentations is issued, the organisers are observing an unprecedented number of informal submissions submitted for the 8th Computability in Europe Conference in 2012.
  • 15.04.12: Yuri Gurevich to give the EACSL Invited Lecture at the Cambridge Turing Centenary Conference
    The EACSL Invited Lecture will be given by Yuri Gurevich, Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research.
  • 20.01.12: CiE 2012 submissions reach record levels as deadline nears
    As submissions to CiE 2012 flood in, along with requests for a deadline extension, the co-chairs have decided to keep the submission page open for a few more days - until Sunday 22 January for initial submission of abstract, and until Friday 27 January for the full submission.
  • 01.10.11: Prof. Lenore Blum to give the 2012 APAL Lecture at the Cambridge Turing Centenary Conference
    The Elsevier Foundation, extends its CiE sponsorship to the 2012 Turing Centenary Conference. This will include support for the 2012 APAL Lecture, and for the 2012 Women in Computability workshop, mentoring programme, and social dinner. There will also be a special issue of the Annals of Pure and Applied Logic arising from the conference.
  • 30.09.11: The EATCS sponsors CiE 2012
    The European Association for Theoretical Computer Science, agrees to sponsor the Cambridge Turing Centenary Conference.
  • 17.09.11: First Call for Papers for the Turing Centenary Conference appears
    The First Call for Papers for the Turing Centenary Conference appears, giving just over five months to write and submit a paper to this historic meeting.
  • 10.06.11: Ian Stewart to give special public lecture at CiE 2012 on Turing and the Mathematics of Life
    Ian Stewart, author of Mathematics of Life - Unlocking the Secrets of Existence, has agreed to give an evening public lecture at CiE 2012 - it will probably be timed for the evening before the actual anniversary of Alan Turing's birth, on Friday 22 June.
  • 03.06.11: The ASL Council agrees to sponsor CiE 2012: How the World Computes
    The Association for Symbolic Logic, has agreed to sponsor CiE 2012. This means that student members of the ASL will be able to apply for ASL travel grants to attend the conference.
  • 27.02.11: Sir John Dermot Turing to join the CiE 2012 banqueters in King's College Great Hall
    The Turing Centenary Conference banquet will be in the historic Great Hall at King's College Cambridge. Sir John Dermot Turing, nephew of Alan, and Turing Centenary Advisory Committee Honorary President, has pencilled in the date, Thursday 21 June, 2012, and hopes to say a few words on this unique occasion.
  • 05.02.11: The IFCoLog becomes the latest sponsor of CiE 2012
    Michael Gabbay, Executive Board Director of The International Federation for Computational Logic, has contacted the CiE organisers with an offer of a range of support, funding, publishing, etc. - another much appreciated development.
  • 13.01.11: The EACSL agrees to sponsor an EACSL Lecture at CiE 2012
    The President of the European Association for Computer Science Logic, Damian Niwinski, has written offering EACSL sponsorship for an EACSL Lecture at CiE 2012 - offer accepted with enthusiasm!
  • 24.09.10: ACE 2012, at King's College, to be co-located with CiE 2012
    The ACE 2012 conference at King's College Cambridge, June 15-16, 2012, will celebrate Turing's contributions to the theory and practice of computing, and will be co-located with CiE 2012. The organisers of ACE 2012 are Jack Copeland and Mark Sprevak.
  • 29.08.10: CiE 2012 EasyChair submission page goes online
    The EasyChair submission page for CiE 2012 is now live, with a predicted submission deadline of January 2012.
  • 15.0.10: CiE 2012 Programme Committee undergoes enlargement
    The CiE Conference Series Steering Committee has commenced the process of Programme Committee enlargement, and invitations to join are going out.
  • 17.08.09: Andrew Hodges to speak at CiE 2012
    Turing's biographer, Andrew Hodges, has accepted an invitation to speak at CiE 2012.
  • 22.07.09: Cambridge confirmed for CiE12
    The CiE steering committee confirms the bid that CiE 2012 shall be organised by Cambridge.
  • 31.12.07 : Turing Centenary Advisory Committee founded

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