CiE 2012 - How the World Computes

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Special Sessions

Special Sessions

Cryptography, Complexity, and Randomness

Chairs - Rod Downey and Jack Lutz


The Turing Test and Thinking Machines

Chairs - Mark Bishop and Rineke Verbrugge


Computational Models After Turing: The Church-Turing Thesis and Beyond

Chairs - Martin Davis and Wilfried Sieg


Morphogenesis/Emergence as a Computability Theoretic Phenomenon

Chairs - Philip Maini and Peter Sloot


Open Problems in the Philosophy of Information

Chairs: Pieter Adriaans and Benedikt Löwe


  • Patrick Allo (Vrije Universiteit Brussel): Information and Logical Discrimination
  • Luís Antunes (Porto University): Robustness of Logical Depth
  • Mark Finlayson (M.I.T.): Sets of Signals, Information Flow, and Folktales
  • Amos Golan (American University, Washington DC): On the Foundations and Philosophy of Info-Metrics
  • Ruth Millikan (University of Connecticut): Natural Information
  • + Panel Discussion on Future Directions

The Universal Turing Machine, and History of the Computer

Chairs - Jack Copeland and John Tucker


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