CiE 2012 - How the World Computes

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APAL Special Issue

APAL Special Issue

There will be a special issue of the Annals of Pure and Applied Logic arising from the 2012 Turing Centenary Conference CiE 2012: How the World Computes , held in Cambridge in June 2012. Submission is by invitation only.

The deadline for receiving completed articles is: November 1st, 2012.

Articles should be prepared using the Elsevier latex class file elsarticle.cls . Detailed guidelines for authors, and the relevant latex files for downloading, can be found HERE.

This special issue was sent to the publisher on April 26, 2014

Enquiries from authors, and articles for refereeing, should be sent to the appropriate guest editor: = Barry Cooper,
= Anuj Dawar, = Martin Hyland or = Benedikt Löwe - or to the coordinating editor Barry Cooper.

Provisional contents:

Author(s) Title Received Accepted Pages Status
Liliana Badillo and Charles Harris Avoiding Uniformity in the Δ2 Enumeration Degrees Nov. 13, 2012 Mar. 27, 2013 28 Final version
Laurent Bienvenu, Andrei Romashchenko, Alexander Shen, Antoine Taveneaux and Stijn Vermeeren The Axiomatic Power of Kolmogorov Complexity Nov. 02, 2012 Dec. 18, 2013 36 Final version
Merlin Carl The Distribution of ITRM-Recognizable Reals Oct. 04, 2012 Oct. 18, 2013 19 Final version
Peter A. Cholak, Damir D. Dzhafarov, Jeffry L. Hirst and Theodore A. Slaman Generics for Computable Mathias Forcing Oct. 29, 2012 Oct. 16, 2013 18 Final version
Andrés Cordón-Franco and F. Félix Lara-Martín Local Induction and Provably Total Computable Functions Nov. 01, 2012 Jan. 25, 2014 23 Final version
Kojiro Higuchi and Takayuki Kihara On Effectively Closed Sets of Effective Strong Measure Zero Nov. 01, 2012 Sep. 08, 2013 32 Final version
Bjørn Kjos-Hanssen, Antoine Taveneaux and Neil Thapen How Much Randomness is Needed for Statistics? Nov. 01, 2012 Jan. 15, 2014 18 Final version
Laurenţiu Leuştean An Application of Proof Mining to Nonlinear Iterations Nov. 11, 2012 Jan. 15, 2014 22 Final version
Benjamin Rin The Computational Strengths of α-tape Infinite Time Turing Machines Nov. 01, 2012 Nov. 17, 2013 18 Final version
Andrey C. Sariev and Hristo Ganchev The ω-Turing Degrees Nov. 12, 2012 Jan. 26, 2013 24 Final version

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