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card January 2015

New Year 2015 card designed for the Turing Centenary Advisory Committee by Loke Lay and Winnie Fu, Hong Kong.

June 23, 2012, was the Centenary of Alan Turing’s birth in London. During his relatively brief life, Turing made a unique impact on the history of computing, computer science, artificial intelligence, developmental biology, and the mathematical theory of computability.

2012 was a world-wide celebration of Turing’s life and scientific impact, with a number of major events taking place throughout the year. A number of these were linked to places with special significance in Turing’s life, such as Cambridge, Manchester and Bletchley Park - while hundreds of other events were hosted in over forty countries, commemorating Turing in every continent outside Antarctica.

The Turing Centenary Advisory Committee (TCAC), represented a range of expertise and organisational involvement in the 2012 celebrations, and continues to play its role in the ensuing impact underpinning further 'Alan Turing Years'. The Committee's founder was Professor Barry Cooper, supported by Computability in Europe, and a host of organisations and individuals, many represented on this page.

We would be very grateful if those maintaining Turing webpages linked to here would help us keep a record of this amazing period in the 'Turing Renaissance', and make sure pages are archived, and we are notified of changed urls. Many thanks!

The Imitation Game - Official UK Teaser Trailer.

Alan Turing book
Comprehensive Coverage of Turing's Work with Commentaries by Over 70 World-Leading Experts.

Turing Centenary Advisory Committee (TCAC)

Sir John Dermot Turing (Honorary President)
12th Baronet of Foveran; Partner, Clifford Chance, London; son of Sir John Turing, and nephew of Alan Turing; at the Open University
S Barry Cooper (Leeds, Chair TCAC)
Author Computability Theory; Co-chair CiE 2012 - Turing Centenary Conference; President Computability in Europe
Samson Abramsky (Oxford, LICS)
FRS, and Christopher Strachey Professor of Computing at Oxford
Matthew C. Applegate (Bletchley Park Trust)
Reprogrammer of vintage computer systems to create new music
Matthias Baaz (Vienna, Kurt Gödel Society)
General Secretary of the Kurt Gödel Society, organiser Horizons of Truth
John Barnden (Birmingham, SSAISB)
Co-chair 2012 AISB/IACAP World Congress, Birmingham, UK. Vice-chair AISB
Dante Barone (Porto Alegre, Brazil, Brazilian Alan Turing Year )
General Organiser, Brazilian Turing Year
Anthony Beavers (Evansville, IACAP)
Co-chair 2012 AISB/IACAP World Congress, Birmingham, UK. President elect IACAP
Arnold Beckmann (Swansea, Computability in Europe)
Membership Secretary of the Association Computability in Europe
Mark Bishop (London, SSAISB)
Reader in Cognitive Computing, Goldsmiths; Chair Elect, SSAISB
Jonathan Black (CS4FN)
Project Director, Computer Science for Fun Project (CS4FN)
Sue Black (London, Saving Bletchley Park)
Honorary Senior Research Associate at UCL, Force behind Saving Bletchley Park
Tilly Blyth (Science Museum)
Curator of Computing and Information at the Science Museum
Cornelia Boldyreff (Lincoln, BCSWomen)
Professor, University of East London and Honorary Secretary, BCSWomen
Alexandre Borovik (Manchester, LOGIC COLLOQUIUM 2012)
Co-organiser LC 2012, Author Mathematics under the Microscope
Martin Campbell-Kelly (Warwick, BSHM, ACM History Committee)
Author Computer: A History of the Information Machine, Council BSHM
Luca Cardelli (Cambridge, Microsoft Research)
FRS, ACM Fellow, 45th on CiteSeer list of most cited computer scientists
Walter Carnielli (Campinas, Brazil, SBL)
Author (w. R.L. Epstein) Computability, President Brazilian Logic Society
Jack Copeland (Canterbury, NZ, Turing Archive for the History of Computing)
Books inc: The Essential Turing; Alan Turing's Automatic Computing Engine
Ann Copestake (Cambridge, FoLLI)
Computational linguist, Cambridge & CSLI, Stanford; Vice-President FoLLI
Artur Czumaj (Warwick)
Head of Computer Science at Warwick University, Organiser ICALP 2012
Anuj Dawar (Cambridge, COMPUTABILITY in Europe 2012)
Professor Logic and Algorithms, Univ of Cambridge, Co-chair CiE 2012
Daniela Derbyshire ( ATY Press Contact )
ATY Press Contact, and Co-Chair TCAC Media Subcommittee
Rodney Downey (Wellington, NZ, Assn for Symbolic Logic)
Editor ASL volume on Turing Legacy; Author Algorithmic Randomness and Complexity
Anna Dumitriu (Sussex, Alan Turing Year ACC)
Co-chair TCAC Arts & Culture Committee; Director The Institute of Unnecessary Research
Peter van Emde Boas (Amsterdam,
ILLC, CiE Conference Series Steering Committee, Co-owner
Jack Emery (Florida, The Drama House)
Producer of the prize-winning BBC TV film Breaking the Code, with Derek Jacobi as Alan Turing
Peter Fleischmann (Canterbury, British Math Colloquium)
Prof Univ of Kent at Canterbury, Org. 2012 British Mathematical Colloquium
Luciano Floridi (Hertfordshire/Oxford, IACAP, UNESCO Chair in ICE)
President, International Association for Computing and Philosophy (IACAP)
Michael Fourman (Edinburgh, British Computer Society)
Head of the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh; Fellow of the BCS
Einar Fredriksson (Amsterdam, IOS Press)
Publisher of the Collected Works of A.M. Turing; Founder IOS Press. Editor A Century of Science Publishing
Marianne Freiberger (Cambridge, Plus Magazine )
Editor of Plus Magazine, introduces readers to `the beauty and practical applications of mathematics'
Ayako Fukui (John Templeton Foundation)
Program Officer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences at the Templeton Foundation
Steve Furber (Manchester, British Computer Society)
FRS, CBE, IET Faraday Medal, 2010 Millenium Technology Prize Laureate
Michael Gabbay (London, IFCoLog )
Director, Executive Board International Federation for Computational Logic (IFCoLog)
John Graham-Cumming (London, Turing Petition (archive))
Author The Geek Atlas, GNU Make Unleashed, Turing Petition initiator
Rachel Greenhalgh (UK Mathematics Trust)
Director of the UK Mathematics Trust - organises UK's biggest national maths competitions
Kelsey Griffin (Bletchley Park Trust)
Director of Museum Operations at Bletchley Park, inc. Special Events
Wendy Hall (Southampton, ACM)
Elected President of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), 2008
John Harper (Bletchley Park)
Leader Bombe Rebuild Project at Bletchley Park. Honorary Fellow of the BCS
Rachel Hassall (Sherborne, Dorset)
School Archivist, Alan Turing Archive at Sherborne School
Jane Hillston (Edinburgh)
Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. First recipient of BCS Roger Needham Award
Andrew Hodges (Oxford)
Author Alan Turing: The Enigma, creator of the Alan Turing Homepage
Toby Howard (Manchester)
Chair, UK Schools Computer Animation Competition
Simon Humphreys (Cambridge, Computing at School )
British Computer Society co-ordinator for Computing At School
J Martin E Hyland (Cambridge, British Logic Colloquium)
LMS General Secretary, President BLC, Fellow King's College, Head of Pure Maths (DPMMS)
Manfred Kerber (Birmingham, SSAISB)
Co-chair AISB/IACAP World Congress 2012 - Alan Turing 2012
Simon Lavington (Suffolk, Computer Conservation Soc)
Author Early British Computers etc; Cttee. Computer Conservation Society
John Leech (Manchester)
MP for Manchester Withington; leading supporter of campaign for a full pardon for Alan Turing
Jan van Leeuwen (Utrecht, European Assn for TCS, Informatics Europe)
Vice-President Informatics Europe, Council of EATCS & ACM Europe
David Levy (London, Loebner Prize, ICGA )
President Int. Computer Games Assn., Author Love and Sex With Robots etc.
Angsheng Li (Beijing)
Chinese Academy of Sciences; Chair TAMC conference steering cttee.
David Link (Leipzig)
Chair for Experimental Technologies in the Art Context at the Academy of Arts, Leipzig (HGB); Creator Manchester Mark I emulator
Hugh Loebner (East Orange, NJ, LOEBNER PRIZE 2012)
Sponsor of Loebner Prize for Artificial Intelligence, ``The First Turing Test"
Benedikt Löwe (Amsterdam, Computability in Europe)
Founder member Computability in Europe, Chair CiE conf Steering Cttee.
Robert Lubarsky (Florida)
Organiser MAMLS (Mid-Atlantic Mathematical Logic Seminar) 2012 at Florida Atlantic University.
Angus Macintyre (London)
FRS, President London Mathematical Society, winner 2003 Pólya Prize
Johann A. Makowsky (Haifa, EACSL)
President of the European Association of Computer Science Logic (EACSL)
Bill Mitchell (British Computer Society)
Director, BCS Academy of Computing
Faron Moller (Swansea, BCTCS)
Fellow of the British Computer Society, President of the BCTCS
Carl Mummert (Huntington, WV)
Co-organiser, AMS-ASL Special Session on The Life and Legacy of Alan Turing
Kevin Murrell (Savience, Natl. Museum of Computing)
Secty. Computer Conservation Soc, Trustee TNMOC, Owner Savience
Eva Navarro Lopez (Manchester)
Keeper of the History of the School of Computer Science, University of Manchester
William Newman (London)
Author Principles of Interactive Computer Graphics and Interactive System Design. Elected ACM CHI Academy 2004
Jim Norton (British Computer Society, IET )
Chair of the IET IT Policy Panel, BCS Trustee and Vice-President
Jeff B Paris (Manchester)
Fellow British Academy, Author The Uncertain Reasoner's Companion
Andrew M Pitts (Cambridge)
Prof. of Theoretical Computer Science & Depty. Head of Dept, Cambridge
Bart Preneel (Leuven, IACR)
President Int. Assn. for Cryptologic Research (IACR), Manager ECRYPT II
Ian Pratt-Hartmann (Manchester, BCTCS)
Editor Handbook of Spatial Logics, Organiser Turing centenary BCTCS
Daniel Rogers (Bletchley)
Artist, with a special focus on Turing and Bletchley Park subjects
Bernard Richards (Manchester, emeritus, BCSHealth)
Chair, BCS Health Informatics Cttee, Worked on morphogenesis with Turing
Norbert Ryska (Paderborn, Heinz Nixdorf Museumsforum)
Director, Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum, Paderborn, Germany
Lauren Schultz (Elsevier)
Publisher at Elsevier - owner of the copyright on the Collected Works of A. M. Turing
Robert Sedgewick (Princeton)
William O. Baker Professor, organiser Turing Centenary meeting, Princeton University
Huma Shah (Reading, TURING100 TURING TESTS)
Organiser TURING100in2012 - celebrating Alan Turing via a special Turing Test contest
Simon Singh (London)
Author, journalist, TV producer, specialising in science & mathematics
James Sumner (Manchester, NAHC)
Associate Director, UK National Archive for the History of Computing
Jonathan Swinton (Manchester)
Speaker, writer, and maintainer of key webpage on Turing and morphogenesis
Christof Teuscher (Los Alamos)
- Turing's Connectionism; Alan Turing: Life & Legacy of a Great Thinker
Wolfgang Thomas (Aachen, Gesellschaft für Informatik)
Speaker of Section Foundations of GI (Gesellschaft für Informatik); GI Executive Board member
John Tucker (Swansea)
Founder British Colloquium for Theoretical Computer Science
Irek Ulidowski (Leicester, CONCUR 2012, Newcastle)
Organiser Turing centenary 23rd International Conference on Concurrency Theory
Jouko Väänänen (Helsinki/Amsterdam, Assn for Symbolic Logic)
Treasurer, European Mathematical Society, Ex-chair ASL Cttee on Logic in Europe
Erwin van Lun (Amsterdam, )
Futurist, CEO and Founder
Keith van Rijsbergen (Glasgow)
Fellow of Royal Academy of Engineering, Royal Society of Edinburgh, IEE, BCS, and ACM; key figure in setting up Turing Archive at King's
Kumaraswamy (Vela) Velupillai (Trento)
Books: Computable Economics (OUP, 2000), Computability, Complexity and Constructivity in Economic Analysis etc.
Andrei Voronkov (Manchester)
Organiser Manchester Turing Centenary event, Creator EasyChair conference system
Marcelo Walter (Porto Alegre, Brazilian Computer Society )
Board member Brazilian Computer Society; organiser of the Brazilian Alan Turing Year
Kevin Warwick (Reading, TURING100 TURING TESTS)
Prof. of Cybernetics, FIET, Presenter Royal Inst. Christmas Lectures Rise of The Robots
Ian Watson (Auckland, The Universal Machine)
Author The Universal Machine - From the Dawn of Computing to Digital Consciousness + linked blog, promoter of all things Turing
John White (New York, ACM)
Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Chief Executive Officer; ACM President, 1990-92
Alex Wilkie (Manchester, Assn for Symbolic Logic)
FRS, and holder Fielden Chair of Pure Mathematics at Manchester University
Mike Yates (Manchester, emeritus)
Seminal computability theorist, Alan Turing Collected Works editor for logic
Hector Zenil (Wolfram Research)
Active in Wolfram Science Group, brings Wolfram support to 2012
Jun Zhang (University of Michigan)
President, Society for Mathematical Psychology (2007-08)

"There isn't a discipline in science that Turing has not had an impact upon."

Please send us your support, and news of any Alan Turing Year events you would like us to publicise. There are many interesting and exciting activities in prospect for 2012 and beyond, and news of these will be circulated by TCAC members in all the different areas they represent.

Morten Tyldum, director of THE IMITATION GAME interviewed about the making of the film, the choosing of the creative team, his commitment to the story of Alan Turing, and his
pride in the movie that has emerged. Part of a panel discussion with other members of the team, filmed in three parts at Telluride Film Festival in August 2014.

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Parliamentary Private Members' Debate by Dr Julian Huppert MP: Centenary of the birth of Alan Turing - In Westminster Hall, on Wednesday 27 June at 2.29pm.
Ended at 4.57pm

Talk by Prof Philip Maini on Turing's Theory of Developmental Pattern Formation, as part of the Turing Research Symposium, organised by the Royal Society of Edinburgh
and the University of Edinburgh School of Informatics on Friday 11 May 2012 at the Informatics Forum, The University of Edinburgh.

Information Pioneers was a campaign from BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, seeking to show how the contributions of five very different people helped to shape the information
society that we live in today.

One of five short films, created by an award-winning production team, this one features Kate Russell explaining how Alan Turing contributed to the information revolution that
changed all our lives.

BCS members helped to choose who to profile from a very long list. Following voting, Alan Turing emerged as leading Information Pioneer with 38.8 percent of the vote, more than
twice the votes received by any of the other five remarkable pioneers. (Voting has now finished, of course.)

To celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the birth of the world renowned mathematician, code breaker, logician and computer scientist, the first ICO Alan Turing Lecture was held
at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester on Tuesday 11 September 2012.

Introduced by Information Commissioner, Christopher Graham, the inaugural lecture was delivered by distinguished Cambridge historian Professor Christopher Andrew, the official
historian of MI5, who discussed the life and work of Turing.

Director Maria Elisabetta Marelli interviewed (on Italian TV) about her multimedia theatrical event TURING - a staged case history, performed to sold-out performances, Piccolo
Theatre, Milan, Nvember 20 - 25, 2012 - see further background and videos from this spectacular and meticulously researched production.

Luncheon talk on Alan Turing at HK Convention Centre on 21 Nov 2012. Part of the program in the 2012 HK International Computer Conference organised by the HK computer
society. Speaker: Prof YB Yeung, who also played the Turing song composed by HK writer Miss Loke Lay on the harmonica.


Original card created by members of Hong Kong Alan Turing Year team - Loke Lay, Winnie Fu, Cpak Ming and Honsan Awong - for the 84th anniversary of the death of
Christopher Morcom, Alan Turing's 'first and only love'.

Turing 60th

Original New Year 2015 card designed for the Turing Centenary Advisory Committee by Loke Lay, with technical and artistic input from BeWoks,
Hong Kong.

New Year 2014

Original and semantically complex New Year 2014 card designed for the Turing Centenary Advisory Committee by Loke Lay, with technical and artistic input from BeWoks,
Hong Kong.

Playwriight Catrin Fflur Huws talks about how she came to write her play To Kill a Machine, about the wartime code-breaker Alan Turing, whose pioneering work considered
whether a machine could think. At the heart of the play is a powerful love story which questions the meaning of humanity, and the importance of freedom.

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Innovation vote Cumberbatch
Benedict Cumberbatch playing Alan Turing in 'The Imitation Game' - photo via Daily Mail
101 birthday card King's College Chapel
King's College Chapel in Cambridge
 Bletchley Park Bombe rebuild
The Bletchley Park Bombe rebuild
Statue of Alan Turing
The Alan Turing Memorial by Glyn Hughes in Sackville Park, Manchester
Danny Rogers image
Portrait of Alan Turing by Daniel Rogers © Daniel Rogers
Jin Wicked image
'Universal Turing Machine' by Jin Wicked © Jin Wicked
Enigma image
Collected Works of A.M. Turing: Volume 3, Morphogenesis, North Holland, 1992
stamp image
Cover of "Alan M. Turing - Centenary Edition" by Sara Turing ©Cambridge University Press
Enigma image
The Enigma M4 with open cover
© Dirk Rijmenants Source: Cipher Machines & Cryptology: The German Enigma Cipher Machine
stamp image
Royal Mail commemorative stamp, Turing Centenary 2012 - see first-day cover from Bletchley Park Post Office
hodges poster
Poster for the Oxford University LGBT lecture, 2012, given by Andrew Hodges
Nature cover
Cover of Alan Turing at 100 Special of 'Nature' journal, February 2012.
Nature cover
Cover of the March 2012 issue of CACM, with centenary article Turing's Titanic Machine?
Debbie's Turing
Turing Birthday Card by American artist Debbie Ericsson-Zenith: 'I wanted to connect him to the English queen and his relationship with UK government and how his legacy effects the queen today .. I wanted to connect him with queen's everywhere, royal and otherwise.'
stamp image
This portrait head of Alan Turing was sculpted by Alan Dun in tribute.
Manchester Pride Festival
stamp image
Alan Turing in 1927, from Westcott House photograph ©Sherborne School
A new book on Alan, from an artistic perspective, from Oistros Publisher, Lecce
Turing themed issue of the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society on The Foundations of Computation, Physics and Mentality: the Turing Legacy
Rudy Rucker novel
Draft cover for new Rudy Rucker novel Turing & Burroughs, published in September 2012
Copy of letter to the Telegraph from Prof. Stephen Hawking and other distinguished figures, asking for a formal pardon for Alan Turing.
October 2012 issue of Boletim da Sociedade Portuguesa de Matemática honours Alan Turing, includes Félix; Costa on Turing Machines as Clocks, Rulers and Randomizers
Screenshot of a photo by Amanda Clare, from Manchester Science Festival's photostream from their Turing's Sunflowers experiment, organised with MOSI - from an idea by Jonathan Swinton.
Artist Maxime Xavier with her portrait of Alan Turing.
Turing Impact
Alan Turing - His Work and Impact with all Alan Turing's most important writings, plus commentaries from over 70 world-leading figures. Published by Elsevier around the world during June-July, 2013.
Turing Impact Turing Impact
Alan Turing 100th Birthday at the Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum in Paderborn, Germany.

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